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Composite conductive plastics
Dec 26, 2016

After physical modification of conductive plastic, many products have been commercially produced. Making composite conductive plastics must choose the right basic resin and composite mode:

(1) basic resins resin is being used by nearly all can be used. Like PE, PP and the WC, and PS, ABS thermoplastic materials such as TPO and phenolic resins, Amino resins, epoxy resins, thermosetting plastics.

(2) composite can be divided into the following three categories:

A. dispersed composite (filling conductive filler)-basic and dispersed the conductive filler added resin;

B. product compound method (metal conductive fiber plastic) – basic resins added or laminated metal fiber and bedded;

C. method of surface rubber coating (surface Chu conductive plastic)-plastic coated metal layers.