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Conductive plastic molding
Dec 26, 2016

1 structure of conductive plastic moulding

Conductive plastic structure stability and processing is still industrialized production and application problems. Industry has developed the most conductive polymer structure was unstable, break down easily when it is heated. Some are sensitive to oxygen, some at the store will lose performance. And they won't melt does not dissolve, they are still unable to be dispersed in organic solvents or adhesive resins, so there is no fixed method. In order to solve this problem, several countries have already developed a polymer blends to improve their stability and processability. Huang Dimer, or prepared to dissolve, so that it can be processed into pancreatic islet in solution. Or using the method of copolymerization and grafting, introduction of process components. Thermoplastic processing methods available in recent years have developed conductive polymers, resulting in a breakthrough in processing and application. Expected to develop more processing before a doping, doping after new stable varieties.

2, composite conductive plastics molding

For the composite conductive plastics, plastic processing methods can be used. Extrusion, injection and method of forming conductive plastic products such as laminate, its conductivity can be achieved using requirements.

3, the filled conductive plastics molding

This type of electrically conductive plastic are dispersed composite moulding. Conductive filler and resin in a pinch and mix in the machine, and then extruding and granulating, then aggregate with an appropriate method.

4, metal fiber conductive plastic molding

A. direct method directly into the short metal fibers in the base resin, the process and conductive plastics filled by the same. Adding conductive filler can also add metal fibers. Use a short metal fibers not qualified, brushed or by melt spinning method made of metal fibers can be used, and gold fiber.

B. mother grain method will gold chip long fiber with cluster agent for cluster, then will its cut length for 5-15ram of slice (mother grain), again will slice and basic resin with mixed practice or pinch and, makes its uniform dispersed; various material of metal long fiber are can using. ideal of fiber length >100ram, diameter <5 m (best for 7 Cape), added volume 4-8, and cluster agent mixed Shi by accounted for proportion to 20-70% suitable.