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Plastic extrusion process improve dimensional accuracy of the method
Dec 26, 2016

Extruder's outlet pressure under the influence of various factors there are great fluctuations will affect the accuracy

If we in the extruder's exports between the die head and equipped with a melt pump, can be used to stabilize the extruder outlet pressure fluctuation, makes it possible for linear extruder, thus improving dimension accuracy of plastic products, increase production of extruders in unit time. Melt pump is a positive displacement conveyor, structural design of high precision gear clearance and volume, makes it possible to extrusion of stable equilibrium, chemical fiber, granulated, plastic films, sheets, plates, profiles, pipes, wire and cable, wire drawing, compound extrusion line is widely used, good results have been achieved:

1. to achieve stable extrusion, extrusion products size accuracy, reduced scrap rates. In the extrusion process, uneven feeding quantity of material, barrel and head temperature fluctuations, screw rotation speed pulsation phenomena are difficult to avoid. Melt gear pump can eliminate any charging error charging system, can significantly weaken the upper fluctuation of technology transfer quickly into stable States, improve product accuracy, reduced scrap rates.

2. improve yields, reduce energy consumption and achieve low temperature extrusion, extend the life of the machine. Due to the polymer melt pump extruder installation, vacuum extruder function transferred to the gear pump complete, working extruder can be used in low pressure and low temperature, leakage flow is greatly reduced yield. More effectively than extruder gear pump head pressure and decrease the extruder back pressure and screw under the axial force, to extend the service life.

3. linear pumping performance, facilitate coordination of upstream and downstream equipment. Less due to leakage flow in gear pump, pump speed basic linear relationship between transmission capacity and, after the speed change gear pump, flow can know for sure, because you can determine the device synchronizes with gear pump of upstream and downstream speed, gear pump inlet and outlet collecting information such as pressure, temperature, the entire extrusion process monitoring and feedback control.