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Plastics modification means what?
Dec 26, 2016

What is the modified plastics?

In general plastic and engineering plastics of based Shang, through physical, and chemical, and mechanical, way, after fill, and total mixed, and enhanced, processing method, improved plastic of performance or increased function, on plastic of flame retardant sex, and strength, and anti-impact sex, and toughness, mechanical performance get improved and improve, makes plastic can applies in special of electric, and magnetic, and light, and hot, environment conditions Xia.

Application range of plastics modification technology

Resin production from raw materials to a variety of specifications and varieties of modified plastic masterbatch production; should be used for nearly all plastics raw materials and molding process.

Plastic modified scope of application is very wide, almost all plastic performance can be improved by modification methods. Such as plastic transparency, density, appearance, accuracy, machining, mechanical properties, chemical resistance, magnetic properties, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, wear resistance, hardness, heat, flame retardancy, barrier properties, and so on. In order to reduce the cost of plastic products, improved performance, improved functionality, are inseparable from the plastics modification technology.