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To tell you a few methods to separate the metal and plastic!
Dec 26, 2016

1. the metal trap

Will smash the waste pipe, use of metal traps in transit 0.75---1.2MM in diameter metal debris is isolated.

2. electrostatic separator

Mix crushed into the electrostatic separator, use different electrical properties of metals and plastics, can be recovered from copper, aluminum and other metals. this law shall apply and metal composites, cable and metal-coated plastic handle.

3. separation of dissolved

Will be coated with a plastic-coated metal parts immersion in dichloromethane-containing and non-ionic surface active agents, paraffin and water suspensions, dissolving and detaching the plastic coating.

4. separation of brittle

Cooling the mixed metal and plastic waste to brittleness temperature of plastic, then crushed again with a wind screen separation makes separation of metal and plastic.

5. cable outer skin Peel

Wire and cable jacketing materials include PVC, polyethylene (including cross-linked Polyethylene), and synthetic rubber and natural rubber, electrostatic separation in addition to the above, but also dry and warming method method to make plastics, rubber and copper, aluminum wire separation.

(1) dry separation: uniform heating cable internal infrared device, and then use the manual removal of the skin.

(2) wet separation: aluminum wire immersed in saturated with agents (surfactants) solution, peeling skin after heating to 70-90, and then again with organic solvent cleaning several times in a row, you can completely remove the tar.