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Features Of The Tool Kit
Jun 08, 2017

  Features of the tool kit

  1. The worktable surface uses the unique injection molding, the intensity is higher, the smooth surface treatment is easier to wipe the greasy dirt, the hand uses the soft glue whole injection processing, more conforms to the human Machine project--The injection panel can withstand the bench vice operation

  2 tool kit drawer can be stored in a rich tool module

  3 drawer on both sides of the use of superimposed ball slide, excellent smoothness and improve the service life. The lengthened stretching distance allows the drawer to be fully open to facilitate the extraction of objects inside the drawer.

  4 each drawer has self-locking function

  5 The two sides of the tool kit are designed with steel plate and double deck plate, which makes the box more sturdy and durable. The mesh plate is used for hanging tools or accessories, extending the Use function.

  6 Central lock adopts ring key structure, which can prolong the service life of the lock. -In order to avoid missing the key after the drawer can not be opened, each lock is equipped with the corresponding number, as long as the number is provided, it is possible to reconfigure the keys.

  7 tool kit Four Corners are equipped with a new composite material made of anti-collision bar

  8 moderate size, can be stored in the trunk of the car, convenient and fast