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Tool Kit Considerations
Jun 08, 2017

  tool kit considerations

  1 do not stand in the tool kit or drawer, in order to avoid accidents;

  2 object weight should not exceed the maximum bearing weight of the drawer;

  3 When using the tool, please bring gloves to avoid being scratched by sharp or rough articles;

  4 Choose the tool kit, to choose the certification tool kit, such as the well-known certification for the German VPA certification

  5 plastic tool kit, general use of engineering plastics, do not use hard objects, to prevent cracking;

  6 Metal tool kit, the surface is more paint or galvanized, do not use hard things to slip the surface;

  7 Store items in order to increase their storage space

  tool kit Application

  1, the staff's hand-box, the ear-collecting stainless steel tool kit, the Repairman's repair tool kit, the Doctor's medicine box, etc.

  2, the car 4S shop, in 4S shop Building station, will be equipped with a number of tool kit, to facilitate the use of tools and improve efficiency, at the same time with its grade, improve grades;

  3, large-scale factory: Large-scale factory is pipelining operation, use small tool kit fast and convenient;

  4, passenger cars and aircraft manufacturing enterprises: large-scale passenger cars and aircraft manufacturers, the tool shop environment requirements are relatively high, at the same time the station is also relatively large, it must be equipped with a certain tool kit

  5. All other areas are likely to be involved