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Aluminum Alloy Toolbox Materials And Products Have What?
Jun 21, 2017

  Aluminum alloy toolbox materials and products have what?

  Aluminum Alloy Toolbox is one of the products of aluminum box, is the application of aluminum alloy material forming, to place tools, such as the application of a box and other toolbox is different, this toolbox has aluminum alloy material characteristics of light weight, easy to process, and in the strength of other materials have incomparable advantages.

  Aluminum Alloy Toolbox Product main body uses the high quality aluminum alloy profile, has the design reasonable, the structure is sturdy, the appearance is beautiful and so on the characteristic, widely applies in the instrument, the instrumentation, the electron, the communication, the automation, the sensor, the smart card, the industrial control, the precision machinery and so on the

  How to identify the quality of aluminum alloy toolbox?

  I. Identification of aluminum alloy tool mark

  Formal or production license manufacturers, in the obvious parts of their products are marked with the product, including: manufacturer's name or trademark, product name, product model or mark, manufacturing date or number. Aluminum alloy Toolbox box should be marked "Moistureproof", "Handle with care" and "up" the words and signs.

  II. Surface quality of aluminum alloy toolbox

  The quality of aluminum alloy toolbox directly affects the decoration effect of the whole wall after installation. Inspection of aluminum alloy toolbox surface quality should pay attention to the following aspects:

  A, aluminum alloy toolbox decorative surface should not be obvious damage, it refers to the surface of the door and window protection film should not scratch scratches.

  B, aluminum alloy toolbox adjacent components coloring surface should not have obvious color difference.

  C, aluminum alloy toolbox surface should not be aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other stains, assembling joints should not overflow adhesive.

  III. Size deviation of aluminum alloy toolbox size deviations are minimized.

  Aluminum alloy Toolbox Components aluminum alloy toolbox components should be firmly connected, need to use corrosion-resistant filler material to make the connection part sealed, waterproof.