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Aluminum Toolbox
Dec 26, 2016

Is an aluminum alloy, magnesium and silicon as alloying elements. As a whole has good mechanical properties, heat treatment and can be welded. Are the most commonly used aluminum alloy. Aluminum Toolbox is by aluminum material for skeleton, ABS, and density Board (in the fiber Board), and splint (multilayer Board), for Panel, to tee, and tongue, and hand put, and lock, for accessories combination and into of box, because its has design structure Shang reasonable, professional work Shang detailed, and bearing capacity strong strong durable, beautiful generous, features, in packaging, industry Shang has is widely of application, main for abroad application of compared more, with domestic the industry of rise, especially ISO industry requirements of factors, pursuit products packaging, and Integrity in transportation, increasing application of aluminum alloy box. Main body made of high quality aluminum in the chassis, with a solid structure, beautiful shape, good heat dissipation characteristics, widely used in beauty salons, tools, jewelry, watches, stage, instruments, meters, electronic, communications, automation, sensors, smart cards, industrial control, and precision machinery industries, are ideal for high-end instrument box.

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