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How To Maintain The Metal Toolbox
Nov 06, 2017

As one of the most widely used aluminum boxes in daily life, metal toolboxes are very necessary for the maintenance of their use regardless of their service life, economy and environmental protection. Therefore, it is useful to know these maintenance methods below.

For frequently used metal toolbox in the daily routine mainly by dust pollution, corrosion and oxidation, wind and sun, rain and other external factors, so that its color faded, the surface of the box wear scratches, etc .; for We do not often use the toolbox, we should wipe clean up to extend the life of the toolbox to ensure its quality.

1. It is advisable to clean the aluminum tool kit before it is stored. With a clean cotton cloth, evenly wipe the surface of the box, if there are serious stains, use a soft cloth or a soft brush moistened with a mild detergent. Hardware accessories on the box maintenance, should be wiped with a dry cloth after use. Such as micro-oxidation, try to gently rub the metal flour or toothpaste can be.

2. The metal cabinet storage cabinet should be kept ventilated.

Of course, the maintenance of metal toolbox is not only the above points, my company will continue to give an introduction on their own official website to explain. Hope to give some friends who often use aluminum toolbox to help.

Metal toolbox features introduced

1. Workbench with a unique injection molding, higher strength, smooth surface treatment easier to wipe the oil, handle the whole plastic injection molding processing, more in line with ergonomics - injection molding panel can withstand bench vise operations

2 toolbox drawer can store a wealth of tool modules

3 drawer on both sides with a superimposed ball slide, with excellent smoothness and increased service life. The extended reach allows the drawer to be fully opened for easy access to the contents of the drawer.

4 Each drawer has a self-locking function

5 Toolbox on both sides of the mesh plate with double steel plate design, the cabinet more solid, durable. Mesh plate for hanging tools or accessories, extended use of functions.

6 central lock ring ring structure, can extend the life of the lock. - To avoid losing the key after opening the drawer, each lock is assigned a corresponding number, so long as the number is provided, the key can be reconfigured.

7 toolbox corners are equipped with a new composite crash bar

8 Moderate body, can be stored in the car trunk, convenient and quick

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