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Instrument Protective Box, Is A Security Device
Aug 11, 2017

  Instrument protective box, is a security device, can be built on the instrument play a very good protective effect, in case of damage during transport, friction or other external factors damage the instrument.

  Instrument protective box material more, because the aluminum material itself has some excellent features, has been widely used in the shell processing industry, protective box but also widely favored by many instrumentation processing enterprises.

  Maintenance of instrument protective box

  1, the installation of a reasonable choice to install the location: dry, no rain dripping place.

  2, check the conditions of the conditions by the daily staff of the insulation material is damaged, the steam pipe is blocked for technical confirmation and technical disposal.

  3, the alarm measures can be installed on the conditions of steam leakage or power out of the sound and light alarm small device to facilitate the prevention of thermal insulation measures hidden trouble and timely remediation.

  4, inspection measures by the regional instrument to maintain the responsible person according to the scheduled inspection route regular inspection. protective box Inspection to check the insulation pipeline valve is normal, the incubator is normal, the hydrophobic device is normal, insulation material packaging is intact, electric heating power supply components are normal and so on. On the frozen device to carry out a key inspection and inspection records, the instrument and its anti-freeze measures to dry, complete, clean maintenance, protective box timely solution to the scene of the heat insulation problems.