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Instrument Protective Box Is Harder And Harder
Jul 31, 2017

  Instrument protective box is harder and harder

  Instrument protective box is used for in situ installation of a meter or transmitter insulation, protection device, is a field instrument or transmitter installation of an important way.

  Instrument protective box is to absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad improved equipment. Can be widely used in electric power, chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, building materials and other industries, received the user and the installation unit of the unanimous welcome and praise.

  Instrument protective box frame made of cold-rolled steel bending made of welding, material thickness ≮ 2.5mm. protective box with 2.5mm thick flame retardant, light weight, good hydrophobicity, thermal conductivity of small centrifugal ultra-fine glass wool as the insulation layer, lined with embossed aluminum.

  Instrument protective box for the use of vertical ground mounted self-supporting structure. Have sufficient strength to withstand a certain mechanical, electrical and thermal stress. Instrument insulation protective box with inclined anti-rain roof structure, between the door and the box installed in the seal, the seal selection of fine, equipped with a good process, suitable for outdoor installation. The outer surface without welding, rivets or outside the bolt head, the entire outer surface should be smooth.

  Instrument heating box using electric heating, equipped with heating, insulation and temperature control system to control and ensure that the temperature inside the box to maintain (adjustable) within 10 ℃ ± 2 ℃ range. The heating element is equipped with a protective cover. Instrument protective box is equipped with internal lighting, maintenance socket and grounding device. Instrument protective box, the outer surface are pickled, hot phosphating and then electrostatic spray, high temperature curing treatment, and the use of outdoor powder, the coating has a good adhesion. The coating of the same batch of protective box has no obvious color difference. The outer surface coating should be uniform, solid, no bubbles, wrinkles, abrasions, peeling, hammer marks and repair brush marks and other defects, the use of metal parts and fasteners should be used galvanized. Coating should be solid, no rust, no peeling and peeling and so on. Each fastening device is equipped with anti-loosening device.