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Instrument Protective Box To Good Quality Off
Aug 11, 2017

  Instrument protective box to good quality off

  Instrument protective box manufacturing company to buy a number of equipment, has selected the right suppliers. So, how to ensure the quality of these equipment? And its problems in the equipment and then negotiate with suppliers, it is better to check the product before the good.

  1, any potential defects found during monitoring, whether or not it has an impact, must be corrected before shipment.

  2, select the mature instrument incubator quality engineer. protective box Regardless of actual experience or status, they must be familiar with the art of defect prevention and product acceptance, and you can also train them in audit and monitoring.

  3, if the supplier is also based on control points to develop a detailed quality control plan, then you may wish to take this plan as a reference, complement your own master monitoring plan.

  4, invite suppliers to the key quality and planners to visit your factory. Guide them to visit the full range of product systems they provide, protective box explain to them their responsibilities for the operation of their products, encourage them to set up a local contact agency, and encourage and assist them to establish a "zero defect" program.

  5, take your raw material control representative to the supplier's factory to visit, indicating that he will review the place and get the supplier's full approval. protective box While at the same time reaffirming their respective obligations.

  6, in your people back to the factory, to provide them with technical support.

  7, if the instrument box machine equipment sent or used to find any defects, it should be accurate, timely and effective analysis of the entire system of weak links.

  8, if the first batch of equipment in the process of repeated differences, protective box you should personally return the equipment to the supplier factory, and take effective measures.

  9, to develop a full monitoring plan and yield system.