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Metal Toolbox Is One Of The Mainstream Toolbox Of Society
Nov 06, 2017

Metal toolbox is one of the mainstream toolbox of society, from low to high have different products, poor quality may be tens, 100 a high-end tools, however, you need tens of thousands, why so much difference?

First of all, from the material with the style can be seen a difference between the toolbox, good material, both in the quality of the feel is good, and the service life is more long, high-level toolbox has a unique design to show its characteristics , While the low-level metal toolbox are all the previous articles or plagiarism of other designs, these are clear at a glance, and the life of low-level metal toolbox is very low, the difference between them is the difference between stone and gold.

In our country ancient wooden toolbox has been very popular, many craftsmen are proud of having a fine wooden toolbox, with the development of the times, invented the metal toolbox, gradually replaced the wooden toolbox, why can Replace it? Let's take a closer look at the metal toolbox below.

First of all we can clearly tell that the difference between 2 and 2 is the difference between materials, metal and wood. Relative to the wooden modern alloy is not only lighter and more robust, in the production of metal kit production efficiency can be more than 3 times the wood, but also through a variety of processing methods to achieve better shape and Performance results, the use of various environments than the wooden toolbox is much better. It is precisely this merit that has led to the gradual replacement of wooden toolboxes.

Metal toolbox is where many of the master's place their own "weapons and ammunition", of course, such an important place must be well maintained. General metal toolbox material is actually very general, if the surface of the paint or paint is cut open, long-term exposure to air is very easy to oxidation rust. Then how should we deal with it?

First metal toolbox cleaning and drying, and then wipe or open the place to polish, and then you can use paint plating and other anti-rust work.