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Oilless Vacuum Pump Play Its Role
Sep 05, 2017

The Multi-Purpose storage box is also called the packing box, the storage box, the packing box, the storage box. Multi-functional storage boxes have a variety of materials, usually plastic, fabric, paper, metal, wood and so on. Multi-function storage box can collect the small things in the home, put the things that are not commonly used, so as to make room for the use of the house, and tidy the furniture environment, the best of both worlds. It is very useful to put a storage box in your home, and it is also very strong. So how good is the storage box?

Multifunctional Plastic storage Box

This multi-functional storage box is convenient and practical, multi-functional plastic storage boxes are usually called plastic finishing boxes, plastic storage boxes, plastic finishing boxes, plastic storage boxes. Multi-functional Plastic storage box is the use of polyethylene PE or polypropylene PP production, safe and non-toxic, in which the production of HDPE is relatively soft, toughness, is generally the first choice for home storage clothing. This multi-functional storage box has two pulleys underneath it, which is more convenient when it is moved away from the box, and it is environmentally friendly and has a good carrying capacity. Generally put small sundries neatly in, it is clear clearly. And the tightness is also quite good, this kind of storage box is quite insipid, design also has nothing to be fastidious the flaw, but the small plait does not have the cold Oh!

II. Multifunctional Fabric Storage Box

The common multifunctional fabric storage box is a good grid with nature. This, in the storage, can be very simple to put things in and can, it also has a lid to ensure that small items clean and tidy environment, such as many girls like to buy this type of multi-functional storage box to specialize in underwear underwear, when an open box, You can look at the underwear you want to wear, very convenient and practical. This storage box design is more good-looking, but also very consistent with personalized home storage, in addition, this storage box is also very strong reception.

Three, multi-functional solid wood storage Box

Solid wood furniture In the home is very common, and then add a solid wood multi-purpose storage box is nothing surprising, perhaps, such a multi-functional storage box can be home home environment become different. Solid wood storage box, and with its natural wood raw materials, boxes with very pure woody, in the loading of small items, will have a very good preservation effect. The only thing is that it is not good to move, since it is a wood material storage box, then Ken can also have a little weight, if you want to receive convenient, choose plastic or fabric of the storage box, it is the best.

IV. Multifunctional Metal storage Box

This multi-purpose storage box is usually placed in shoes and other things. The Multi-Purpose storage box also plays a very important role in the home collocation. The metal storage box is very solid, so you can choose more heavyweight items when placing things, as long as its storage space is large, then the space of the House will always be left. In particular, the whole design is also very strong, used to receive shoes, it is really good. However, the clothes of the household, or choose fabric material storage box is better!

Five, small items multi-purpose storage box

This multi-purpose storage box is also very popular at home, it can be hung, can also be placed in those obscure corners, occupy the room is not small, such words, more can save housing space, but also effective decoration of the house, furniture in the decoration of the effect of the environment is also possible to become a touch of the pen. Very suitable for girls Oh! After all, girls small jewelry More, choose a such a storage box, to install their hair clips, jewelry, is not good, and the storage box itself is also strong storage!