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Storage Box Advantage Selection And Latest Quotations
Sep 20, 2017

Usually our home has a lot of things we need to carefully organize, but a little attention will become a variety of clothing debris into the mountain, then it is necessary to use our plastic storage box, then let us know how the plastic storage box and plastic storage box prices.

What about the plastic storage box?

The storage box is also called the packing box, the storage box, the packing box, the storage box. There are a variety of materials in the storage box, usually plastic, cloth, paper, metal, wood and so on.

Usage: normal temperature, do not insolation, do not jump down.

Scope of application:

1, food processing storage, turnover, cleaning.

2. Pickling and degreasing in chemical industry.

3, brewing, vegetable processing industry fermentation, pickling, storage.

4, medicine, food, chemical industry, mixing, the system.

5, hardware, electronics, tools, parts industry storage, transit, pickling.

6, textile and printing and dyeing industry bleaching, washing, dyeing.


Usually with cover seal, pulley moving labor-saving, oil-resistant, non-toxic tasteless, clean and convenient, stacking neat, easy to manage, large load strength, can overlap, save space, light weight and so on!


Transportation, refrigeration, hardware, supermarkets, storage (vegetables, fruit), household, turnover, sorting (documents, clothing, toys) and other functions.

Plastic Storage Box Price

Japan Tianma Tenma transparent thickening storage box plastic storage box clothing large storage box 75 yuan.

The red multi-function belt lid can carry the storage box clothing packing box toy snacks storage Box plastic household sundries Storage box 24.8 yuan.

Tianma loucks Storage Box size number plastic box deep transparent storage box collection box clothing storage box 530M through 111 yuan.

Camellia Transparent storage box plastic toy large cap storage box clothing packing box plastic 97 yuan.