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Storage Box Has A Convenient And Practical Features
Oct 12, 2017

Presumably we have such an experience, a variety of small objects in the box or is a waste of space, or is too small space is not enough to place. Do not worry, plastic storage box can solve your troubles. What are the types and functions of plastic storage boxes? Plastic storage box can be used in what areas? Here, we will specifically talk about.

The type of plastic storage box

1, multi-functional plastic storage box

This multi-functional storage box has a convenient and practical features, multi-functional plastic storage box there are other claims: plastic finishing box, plastic storage box, plastic finishing box, plastic storage box. Multifunctional plastic storage box is made of polyethylene PE or polypropylene PP production, safe and non-toxic, which is relatively soft HDPE material production, toughness, is generally the first choice for home storage. This multi-purpose storage box has two pulleys in the following support, moving out of the box when the more convenient, and it is environmentally friendly, carrying capacity is good. The general small debris neatly put into the natural clear and clear. And the sealing is also quite good, this storage box is relatively flat, the design is not any picky problems,

2, small items multi-functional storage box

This multi-purpose storage box is also very common at home, it can be hanging, can also be placed in those humble corner, occupy the room space is not, so, more room to save space, but also Can effectively decorate the house, the decorative effect in the furniture environment may also be the crowning touch. Very suitable for girls Oh! After all, girls more jewelry, choose a such storage box, used to install their own hair clips, jewelry, is better, and the storage box itself is also strong The

The characteristics and effects of plastic storage boxes

1, plastic storage box features: environmental protection, with a lid seal, pulley mobile effort, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, clean and convenient, stacked and tidy, easy to manage, bearing strength, Space, light weight, corrosion resistance and other characteristics!

2, the role of plastic storage box: transport, refrigeration, hardware, supermarkets, storage (vegetables, fruits), home, turnover, finishing (documents, clothing, toys) and so on.

The use of plastic storage box:

1, can be applied to food processing in the storage, turnover, cleaning.

2, can be applied to the chemical industry in the pickling, degreasing.

3, can be applied to brewing, vegetable processing industry in fermentation, pickled, storage.

4, applicable to pharmaceuticals, food, chemical industry in the spices, against the system.

5, can be applied to hardware, electronics, tools, parts industry, storage, transit, pickling.

6, can be applied to the textile and printing and dyeing industry in the drift, wash, dye.

Maintenance method of plastic storage box

Plastic storage box maintenance methods: placed at room temperature, do not exposure, do not leap.