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Storage Box Is Generally The First Choice For Home Storage
Oct 27, 2017

Storage boxes are also commonly known as finishing boxes, storage boxes, finishing boxes, storage boxes. Storage box material varied, usually plastic, cloth, paper, metal, wood and so on. Most of the storage box is made of polyethylene PE or polypropylene PP, safe and non-toxic, which HDPE material production is relatively soft, toughness, is generally the first choice for home storage.

How to buy a storage box

1, look at the size

Before buying a storage box, be sure to first look at the space under the bed size, especially between the ground and the height of the bed board, it is necessary to carefully measure, so as not to accept the box is too high, put into it.

2, look at the material

There are many kinds of commercially available storage box materials, such as the rattan system, plastic, non-woven and so on, if the fear of too wet moisture too wet, it is recommended to choose the best plastic products.

3, look at the collection

Before choosing a storage box, think about planning to store those items. For example, if you want to store clothes, because of fear of dust, to choose a good seal of the cover box. If you accept toys, you can use the drawer-style storage box, so that children can directly pull the drawer, pick up and pick up their own toys, do not pull out the entire box.

4, see to take convenience

The size of the bed under the storage box is usually larger than the general storage box, but also placed on a very low bed, in the pick up will be more convenient. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers choose the style of the handle, or the bottom of the wheel's storage box, can increase the convenience of access.

5, to see the degree of identification

Bed under a row of the box, looking for something, sometimes can not remember in the end in that box. In order to avoid this trouble, it is recommended to choose a transparent color of the box; if the fabric storage box, then a transparent cover or attached to the standard style is appropriate.