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Tool Kit Bearing A Good Appearance Nice
Oct 27, 2017

tool kit is a container that is a storage tool and a variety of household debris containers, can be used for production, home, maintenance, fishing and other uses, widely used. It is divided into mobile and fixed type. The mobility toolbox is also called the tool cart. Material: PP plastic / plastic button / metal buckle Specifications: 40 * 18 * 21 (cm) and a variety of sizes are available. Features: The use of PP engineering plastics, bearing a good, beautiful appearance, plasticity, color and diverse, portable toolbox internal volume, there are separable liner, respectively, using plastic buckle and metal buckle. With the continuous development of the economy and the transformation of ideas, users of the toolbox requirements are getting higher and higher, making the toolbox has been a great development, not only in appearance, the use of materials is also innovative.

Features Introduction

1. Work table with a unique injection molding, higher strength, smooth surface treatment easier to wipe the oil, the handle with the overall injection of soft plastic processing, more in line with ergonomic - injection panel can withstand the bench.

2. Toolbox The drawer can store a rich tool module.

3. Stacker on both sides of the use of stacked ball slide, with excellent smoothness and improve the service life. The extended stretch distance allows the drawer to be fully open to facilitate the extraction of the object inside the drawer.

4. Each drawer has a self-locking function.

5. Toolbox on both sides of the mesh plate with steel plate double steel plate design, the box is more solid, durable. Mesh plate is used to hang tools or accessories, extended use function.

6. Central lock with ring key structure, can extend the service life of the lock. - In order to avoid the loss of the key can not open the drawer, each lock is equipped with the corresponding number, as long as the number, you can re-configure the key.

7. Toolbox four corners are equipped with a new composite material made of anti-collision.

8. Moderate, can be stored in the car trunk, convenient and quick.

Use the field

1, the staff of the portable toolbox, the ear of the stainless steel toolbox, repair the repair toolbox, the doctor's medicine box, and so on;

2, car 4S shop, in the 4S shop when the station will be equipped with a certain number of toolbox to facilitate the use of tools and improve efficiency, at the same time with its grade commensurate with the grade;

3, large factories: large factories are mostly line operations, the use of small toolbox quick and easy;

4, bus and aircraft manufacturing enterprises: large passenger cars and aircraft manufacturing enterprises, the tool shop environment is relatively high, while the station is also relatively large, it is bound to require a certain toolbox;

5, other areas, are involved in the possible.