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Toolbox Features
Dec 26, 2016

1. work surface using unique injection molding, is stronger, easier to wipe the oil on the surface of the smooth,


Toolbox uses soft rubber injection molding as a whole, more in line with man-machine engineering--plastic panels can withstand a bench job

2 can store a wealth of tools within the Toolbox drawer module

3 drawers stacked on both sides of ball slide, excellent smoothness and increased service life. Lengthened stretching distance enables the drawers to fully open, convenient pull drawer object.

4 drawers with lock function

5 Add plate Toolbox side mesh panels and double steel design, make the box more durable, durable. Mesh panels for hanging tools or attachments, extensions function.

6 central locking ring key structures, can prolong the life of the lock. -In order to avoid losing the keys could not open the drawer after each lock is equipped with a corresponding number, as long as the supply, you can reconfigure the keys.

7 Toolbox corners are equipped with new composite materials made of crash

8 medium size, can be stored in the car trunk, convenient

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