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Why Should The Tool Kit Be Classified?
Jun 21, 2017

  Why should the tool kit be classified?

  Each family will have a few pieces or more pieces of the tool, waiting for the time and do not know where to put, looking for the West can not find, then you want to have a fixed set of tools How nice it is. Xiaobian below to introduce several useful tool kit.

  1, plastic tool kit

  Using high-quality engineering plastics, high-intensity impact resistance, generally used for storage hardware tools.

  2, virtual tool kit

  A collection of functions that combines a variety of tools into a single module for easy use and management maintenance. Such as: game tool kit, query tool kit and so on.

  3, aluminum alloy tool kit

  Is an aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as alloying elements. In general, it has good mechanical properties and can be heat treated and welded. Is the most commonly used aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy tool kit is made of aluminum alloy frame, ABS, MDF (MDF), plywood (multi-layer board) and so on for the panel, with three links, mouth, handle, lock and other accessories Box.

  4, car tool kit

  A vehicle tool kit is a tool that accomplishes the owner's handling of these problems in the event of a failure or accident. Including the emergency hammer, first aid kit, large capacity fire extinguisher, folding reflective warning signs, car inverter, take the power line, car fuses, pump, walkie-talkie, waterproof tape, insulation tape, Trailer rope and so on.

  5, the physical tool kit

  A collection of tools for storing a variety of boxes with different functions and functions. Such as: medical tool kit, repair tool kit and so on.

  6, metal tool kit

  Divided into hand-held, two-style and dumping tool kit. The use of galvanized steel plate, durable. The top cover has a drawer lock function, the top handle is easy to carry.